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1. How many coccygeal vertebrae in the spinal column?
2. As an EMT you are treating a patient with a penetrating eye injury you should
3. How many pairs of ribs are in the human body?
4. Choose the most correct Abduction means:
5. The breastbone is called the :
6. Auscultation is
7. How many Lumbar vertebrae are in the spinal column?
8. How many Cervical Vertebrae are in the spinal column?
9. The normal ranges of respirations on an Adult is
10. What is the correct dose of Glucose Gel for a 5-year-old patient with Blood Glucose of 3.1mmolL?
11. Which of the following would you consider during an initial assessment of a newborn?
12. The max dosage of salbutamol an EMT can assist in administering to an adult is
13. The phalanges are located in the
14. This is considered the Normal Heart beat range for a healthy neonate
15. The largest blood vessel in the body is the:
16. The inner channel of a blood vessel which blood flows is called the?
17. In a paediatric patient at what level SP02 is oxygen indicated for use?
18. In Ireland at a major incident which agency has the responsibility for the welfare of the victims?
19. Choose the most correct Adduction means:
20. The correct point for checking an infant’s pulse is
21. The Paediatric dose for a 7 year old patient using an Epi Pen Junior Auto injector is :
22. How many bones in the human body?
23. Nitroglycerin will cause which of the following?
24. In a healthy patient, an increase of carbon dioxide in the blood will?
25. How many Sacral vertebrae are in the spinal column?
26. You are an EMT in Ireland you are examining a pregnant patient and you see a limb presentation, which is the next MOST appropriate action you should do?
27. The Carina is located in the
28. What is the correct dose of Glucose Gel for a male patient aged 55 with a Blood Glucose of 5.5 mmol/L?
29. The Scapula is located near the?
30. The Brachial Artery is located in the:
31. In anatomical terms Dorsal means:
32. What is a contra-indication of Glucagon?
33. Palpation is
34. The normal body temp in degrees Celsius is
35. Hypoxia usually results in what colour skin?
36. The muscle part of the heart is called:
37. The transfer of heat when heat waves, or rays, are dispersed from an object is called
38. Which of the following is not normally a Contra-indication of Entonox?
39. You should assume that all unresponsive trauma patients have a
40. You respond to a 999 call to a road traffic accident with 2 casualties, you can visibly see both of them bleeding as you approach, what should be your first concern?
41. A side effect not normally associated with the use of Epinephrine is
42. In an adult patient at what level SP02 is oxygen indicated for use?
43. In Ireland at what age can a patient refuse consent for medical treatment?
44. In anatomical terms Distal means:
45. Where should you park in a hazardous chemical incident?
46. The larger bone in the lower leg is the:
47. A sample history should be taken for ________ Patients
48. Capillary refill on a patient with good circulation and perfusion should be
49. The patella is another name for
50. The TOTAL maximum dosage of nitroglycerin an EMT can assist in administering is:
51. In a COPD patient at what level SP02 is oxygen indicated for use?
52. Excessive cooling of a burn could result in which of the following?
53. A person is in supine when:
54. How many pairs of ribs are connected to the sternum?
55. Ligaments connect
56. From what age is the adult dose of Glucose Gel given?
57. What is the preferred position for a patient in hypovolemic shock?
58. A person is in the prone position when:
59. What is the name of the thigh bone?
60. How many pairs of nerves pair off the spinal cord.
61. Medial means:
62. The spleen is located in:
63. As an EMT the correct dose of Asprin to administer to a 65 year old patient with chest pain and or suspected MI is ?
64. You are attending a call as an EMT your patient is a 4 year old male in moderate pain what is the appropriate intervention?
65. Tachycardia is any pulse above:
66. The calcaneus is a bone in the:
67. The normal route for Glyceryl Trinitrate is:
68. The Maxillae is located in
69. The appendix is situated in the:
70. At what rate is an unconscious paediatric patient ventilated per min?
71. Anterior refers to:
72. Approximately how many ventilations are given to an adult with an advanced airway in situ?
73. Epinephrine is presented in 1:1000 Auto Injector Epi Pens indicated for use in Severe anaphylaxis. As an Emt what is the usual Adult Dose?
74. How have many lobes have both lungs?
75. The air sacs in the lungs in which the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide takes place:
76. Bradycardia is any pulse under:
77. A Sphygmomanometer is used to measure:
78. How many Thoracic Vertebrae are in the spinal column?
79. What is the normal heart rate range you would expect to find in a healthy adult?
80. The smooth glistening internal layer of the heart in which blood flows is called:
81. As a practitioner it is appropriate to ask casualties to walk in a multiple casualties incident
82. As an EMT from what age is the adult dose of Epinephrine presented in 1:1000 Auto Injector Epi Pen used?
83. What is considered the normal acceptable ranges for Blood glucose in all adult patients?
84. The liver for the most part is situated:
85. How many types of muscle are there?
86. The lateral malleolus is located near the

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