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1) How many Sacral vertebrae are in the spinal column?
2) The appendix is situated in the:
3) The lateral malleolus is located near the
4) The largest blood vessel in the body is the:
5) What is the name of the thigh bone?
6) Ligaments connect
7) Medial means:
8) The calcaneus is a bone in the:
9) How many pairs of ribs are in the human body?
10) How many pairs of nerves pair off the spinal cord.
11) The phalanges are located in the
12) How many bones in the human body?
13) The breastbone is called the :
14) How many Lumbar vertebrae are in the spinal column?
15) The inner channel of a blood vessel which blood flows is called the?
16) The Carina is located in the
17) The spleen is located in:
18) The liver for the most part is situated:
19) How many Cervical Vertebrae are in the spinal column?
20) How many types of muscle are there?
21) The Maxillae is located in
22) The Brachial Artery is located in the:
23) The smooth glistening internal layer of the heart in which blood flows is called:
24) The larger bone in the lower leg is the:
25) The muscle part of the heart is called:
26) How have many lobes have both lungs?
27) How many pairs of ribs are connected to the sternum?
28) The Scapula is located near the?
29) The patella is another name for
30) How many coccygeal vertebrae in the spinal column?
31) How many Thoracic Vertebrae are in the spinal column?
32) The air sacs in the lungs in which the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide takes place:

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